About Ms. Annie Hakim

Pink Orchid Beauty, Wellness & Baby-Spa is the brain child of Ms. Annie Hakim (Ayesha) Founder Director & Technical Head.

Ms. Annie Hakim holds Post Graduate Degrees in Management & Law (B.A.- Economics / M.P.M. / L.L.B.) though the calling was always from the Beauty, Glamour & Wellness Industry. That's when she took a plunge in Cosmetology and yet again completed her Post Graduation in Cosmetology. Such was the Charisma of this Industry that she left behind Career in the Corporate Sector. As of now she has around 15 years of Rich Experience in Beauty & Wellness Industry.

The idea of opening a Baby-Spa which eminently caters to Motherhood, Fertility Wellness & Maternity Wellness came to Ms. Annie Hakim when She discovered that there was something amiss in the Wellness Industry across the City. So after starting a Nail Salon, She realized that the Guests wanted more of Quality Services In Beauty & Wellness. And that set off in motion the idea to open a State-of-the-Art Baby-Spa, which not only just houses internally recognized products but also boasts of products which are completely natural and devoid of any pernicious chemicals whatsoever.

Ms. Annie Hakim has been able to parent Pink Orchid Beauty, Wellness & Baby-Spa from a "Toddling Infant" to a "Towering Giant" in a very short span of time. She has envisioned the future endeavour of Pink Orchid not only just in Pune but burgeoning all across the Country rapidly.

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Ms. Annie Hakim (Ayesha)
(Founder Director & Technical Head)


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