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About Ms. Annie Hakim

Ms. Annie Hakim - Founder & Director, Pink Orchid Beauty & Wellness Pune

Pink Orchid Beauty & Wellness is the brainchild of Ms. Annie Hakim (Ayesha) who is the Founder, Director and Technical Head.


Ms. Annie Hakim holds post-graduate degrees in management & law (B.A.-Economics / M.P.M / L.L.B.) though the calling was always from the beauty, glamour, and wellness industry.


That’s when she took a plunge and yet again completed her post-graduation in cosmetology. Such was her charisma for the beauty & wellness industry that she left behind the corporate sector. As of now, she has more than 15 years of rich experience in the beauty & wellness industry.


The idea of dawning Pink Orchid which exclusively caters to motherhood, fertility & maternity wellness came to Ms. Annie Hakim when she discovered that there was a lot more than the wellness industry yearned for, which was not reciprocated at the time.


So after starting and growing the business of a successful nail salon, she realized that her guests wanted more of such high-quality services not only in beauty but also in the wellness sector.


This, in turn, set off in motion the idea to start a state-of-the-art salon & spa for babies and mothers, which not just houses internally recognized products but also boasts of products that are completely natural and devoid of any pernicious chemicals whatsoever.


Ms. Annie Hakim has been able to parent Pink Orchid Beauty & Wellness from a “toddling infant” to a “towering giant” in a very short span of time. She has envisioned the future of Pink Orchid not just in Pune, but burgeoning all across the country rapidly.  

A Letter From The Founder's Desk

Dear Beautiful Moms & Moms-to-be,


First of all, congratulations to you for bringing a little bundle of joy into this world!


There might be times when you would not think that way, when that bundle of joy would keep you up at night and make you exhausted while taking care of them.


But what other stress would you cherish so much? What other burden would be as passionate as a mother’s love?


We cherish that divine love which you share with your baby, while trying our best to make sure you experience it without the stress and pain that it accompanies.


Proper massages are crucial for the growth and development of your baby, it is what all of our mothers & grandmothers have known and practised for ages.


But today, since most of you live away from your parents, you are helpless in giving your baby in the hands of a maidservant.


And this is the reason why we saw that there was a dire need for better, more professional care for you and your baby.


We train our therapists with an intuitive understanding reinforced by years of experience in handling babies.


Placing strict emphasis on all the nitty-gritty aspects such as - where to apply proper pressure, what massage techniques are best suited for a baby, and also guide you on what are the products which you should use along with do's & dont's, etc. ​


We specialize in knowing how to drain the lymph nodes with a gentle yet effective massage technique that encourages the movement of lymph fluids. Which helps to remove the waste & toxins & regulates the supply of oxygen and nutrients in your growing baby's body. ​


So get in touch with us, we are just one phone call away and are looking forward to pamper you to the core!


Until then… stay beautiful, stay healthy, and stay blessed. ​


Precious Regards,

Ms. Annie Hakim

Founder & Director,

Pink Orchid Beauty & Wellness

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