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relaxing pregnancy massages in pune

Experiencing discomfort during or after pregnancy? Pamper yourself through holistic mental, physical, & emotional healing with blissful pre & post-natal massages at your home in Pune.


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Starts at ₹2500/-


faster healing & recovery

Eases muscular pain & cramps. Tone & relax stretched skin over your abdomen. Making your body feel flexible & youthful.

Relax & rejuvenate

Get rid of swelling, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and exhaustion that accompanies childbirth. Get pampered and make yourself feel special.

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Bond Better with your baby

Babies respond to your emotions. Therefore, a happy mother is a happy baby. We pamper you and the cycle continues!

Goodbye postpartum depression

Soothing massages release endorphins into the brain & nervous system - relieving antenatal & postpartum depression.

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Baby Massages For Your Little Bundle Of Joy

We know that you aren't the only one who needs pampering!

Soothing baby massages are essential for your little one to grow stronger & healthier.


Help your baby ​relax, sleep better, and get rid of discomfort such as gas, constipation & colic.

For your little bundle of joy!

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Prepare to be pampered

Experience rejuvenation & bliss at your home with Pink Orchid. Please fill out the form to get a call back from us.

Or call us on: +91 99229 28895 / +91 93730 37762

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