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Baby Massages For Your Little Bundle Of Joy!

Touch is your baby's first language - that's why soothing massages are vital for your infant's development.

We help stimulate attachment & bonding with the right touch and nurturing experience.


FREE Home Visits*


Expert Therapists


Starts at ₹1600/-


Baby Care

(Massage & Sponge Bath with Draping)

Duration - 40 Mins

Single Session 

Super Saver


5 Sessions

30% Off

Most Popular

15 Sessions

35% Off


Best Value

20 Sessions 

40% Off


*Free home visits within a radius of 4 km from our centre in Bund Garden road.

Our Team Of Renowned Doctors

Dr. Anshu Sethi

MBBS, MD (Pediatrics), DM (Neonatology)


Trusted By 2,500+ Mothers



1,394 Ratings



124 Reviews


Make your little one feel acknowledged, loved, and heard.


Help your baby grow stronger, smarter, and healthier.


Help your baby sleep longer & more soundly at night.


Improve your baby's appetite & digestion.

For your little bundle of joy!


Signs that your baby needs massages

Is your baby experiencing discomfort & uneasiness due to gas, constipation & colic?

Does your baby get irritated due to teething & congestion?

These are signs that your little one is craving for soothing massages.

Our skilled, well-trained & professional therapists can help improve your baby's blood circulation & sensory awareness.

Don't wait any longer, help your baby to grow tranquilly with Pink Orchid.


Relieve your baby's discomfort from gas, constipation & colic.


Get rid of cradle cap on your little one's scalp


Help your baby relax, get enough sleep & stop crying at night.

Pregnancy Massages

We know that your baby is not the only one that needs pampering!


Going through pregnancy can be extremely taxing for a woman - both physically & mentally. 

Relax, rejuvenate & say goodbye to postpartum depression with our Pre & Post Natal services exclusively for moms.

For your little bundle of joy!


You Are In Good Hands!

Get in Touch (Baby Spa)

Prepare to be pampered

Experience rejuvenation & bliss at your home with Pink Orchid. Please fill out the form to get a call back from us.

Or call us on: +91 99229 28895 / +91 93730 37762

Address: Row House No 9, Madhuban Society, Boat Club Road, Bund Garden, Pune - 411001

  • Q. Are packages available?
    Yes, of course. You can book a single session with us first and get a taste for being pampered. The single session can be later converted into a package. We can then deduct the single session cost from the package amount.
  • Q. When can I begin the Post-Natal Massages?
    We generally start with the Post-Natal Massages after a period of 8-10 days from delivery.
  • Q. When can I begin the Pre-Natal Massages?
    You can start with the massages after the 1st Trimester - only if you are healthy and do not have any complications during your pregnancy.
  • Q. What if I've had a 'C'-Section?
    In the case of a 'C'-Section delivery, we avoid massages on the abdomen area until the scar has been healed completely.
  • Q. Are home visit charges applicable?
    No, not unless you live very far away. We provide Free home visits all over Pune when you choose a package. We also provide free home visits on single sessions during exclusive offers.
  • Q. Which products do you use?
    We strictly use natural cold-press virgin coconut oil for massages. For Beauty-related services only premium, chemical-free products are used. (If you have your own products that you want us to use then do let us know).
  • Q. Are tailor-made packages available?
    Yes, our packages can be tailor-made for you according to your needs. Please contact us on +91 99229 28895 for the same.
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