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Are Prenatal Massages Safe During Pregnancy?

Updated: May 29, 2023

Hello, Dear Mom-to-be! Massage therapies can generally enhance your day by reducing stress levels and enabling good quality sleep. But what about pregnancy massages? In case you’re wondering whether prenatal massages are safe during pregnancy, you’re at the right place. The answer is a resounding yes.

Prenatal massages are generally regarded as safe. It comes to your rescue by relieving pain naturally and reducing stress hormones. It’s a great method that can increase your blood flow, reduce headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, and even sinus congestions.

But there are certain methods and massage techniques that you should follow. Failing to do so can have quite a few negative effects on your as well as your little one's health. So if you wanna know how to go about prenatal pregnancy massages safely, then please read along.

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What is a prenatal massage?

A prenatal massage is a full-body massage to ensure the comfort and safety of both you and your baby. It’s exclusively outlined for mothers-to-be during pregnancy. It is a ride of comfort and safety for a mother-to-be! However, it is quite different from traditional massages. The techniques and methods used are different from those of traditional methods used by home-helpers. Prenatal massages prepare & compose your body for the long and arduous phase of labor and eventually childbirth.

As pregnancy results in a changed body posture, heavy belly, and a sore back. At Pink Orchid, our professional therapist will be critically conscious about the problems you are going through. A good prenatal therapist will know when to keep away from the pressure points on your abdomen and legs. They’ll use comforting positions to shelter pillows and bolsters to support your body posture. Your posture during therapy would not be lying facing up or facing down on your stomach, it would be on your side in a relaxed manner.

Are prenatal massages safe during pregnancy?

Prenatal Massages are generally meant to be safe after the first trimester. The first trimester has a risk of miscarriage and escalated blood flow during a massage can be unfavorable. It is always advisable to get approval from your doctor before opting for a pregnancy massage. Even the American Pregnancy Association believes that a woman can commence massage at any point during her pregnancy. The risk in the first trimester can be easily avoided if you opt for a professional therapist than opt for the traditional methods. Therefore, it is absolutely safe to get a prenatal massage during pregnancy to make your journey even better!

Prenatal therapists keep away from pressure points that trigger contractions and premature labor. Therefore, it’s always safer to opt for pregnancy massages from trained professionals. Therapists should avoid some areas during a prenatal massage. Those include the abdomen, breasts, section between thumb and forefinger, and three fingers above the ankle bone.

Your doctor often provides certain guidelines that you should keep in mind. Women with problems like high blood pressure should mention their medical condition to the therapist. Heart patients should also inform their condition beforehand. Furthermore, bring recent injuries or any other medical condition into notice.

Prenatal massage can make your day and pregnancy journey better. It will relieve you of your pain, stress, and anxiety from your body and mind if done at the right time.

Are pregnancy massages safe for the baby?

We design prenatal massages to provide relief and comfort to you and your baby. We highly recommend you to get a massage during pregnancy after taking a yes from your practitioner!. It is absolutely safe for both the mother and baby if done by professional experts. At Pink Orchid, we are well aware of the challenges you have to go through during your pregnancy and are highly trained as therapists.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind before getting yourself an appointment for therapy.

  • Do not travel while pregnant. Always opt for home visits.

  • Only trust a well-trained and experienced therapist.

  • Look for their reviews and recommendations.

  • Ask for what methods and techniques they use.

  • Your therapist’s hygiene should be in order.

  • Therapists should have the necessary equipment.

  • Communicate your needs & problems with the therapist.

  • Hydrate yourself before the appointment.

  • Take good care of your privacy.

  • Do not be self-conscious.

Let’s not underestimate the ability to nurture and care provided during therapy. Regular therapy can increase relaxation, reduce depression, and balance hormones. Prenatal massage encourages the delivery of oxygen and nutrients and provides regular blood flow to your body. This in turn advances your baby’s tissue health.

A happy mom-to-be who receives self-care and takes care of her health directly has a positive nurturing effect on her baby. It brings your little one closer to you. Speaking of bringing your little one closer to you, the best way to do so is through baby massages. But that's for a later stage, for now you can pamper your little one by simply pampering yourself.

When should you get a prenatal massage?

As it is clear by now, prenatal massages are a self-care full-body therapy designed to relax you. However, you must know the right time to get it. Let’s get into the details of how you can make your therapy experience better and safe by taking action at the right time.

First Trimester (0-13 weeks)

The First Trimester is the most vital period of your baby’s development. A lot of questions arise regarding the pregnancy and massage during the first trimester. It is always advisable to get approval from your doctor before making decisions. If it is a yes, go for it and make sure you hydrate yourself before the therapy. As long as there is a trained therapist, there is no harm. However, the first trimester has a risk of miscarriage and birth defects, and escalated blood flow during a massage can be unfavorable.

Second Trimester (14-26 weeks)

The second trimester of pregnancy is often regarded as ‘the golden period’. Most of the repercussions of early pregnancy vanish. Prenatal massages can be a great source of relief to you during your second and third trimesters. It usually turns out to be a wise decision. The position during therapy might not be lying facing up or facing down on the stomach but sideways as per the requirement. Therapists might use prenatal bolsters as well as pillows depending upon your comfort and preference.

Third Trimester (27-40 weeks)

The third trimester is the final belt of pregnancy. We highly recommended getting a massage after 28 weeks. It is still a good idea to take advice from your doctor again. The massage will provide relief from sleeping problems and prepare your body for labor. It is important to have good communication with your therapist at this stage. You should inform about any kind of medical condition such as diabetes or hypertension

How often should you get a prenatal massage?

Prenatal massage can be a great source of relief during the second and third trimesters. We'd advise you to book the sessions as per the requirement of your body. You can either opt for a single session or 15-25 sessions in the category of essentials and luxurious pre and post-natal massages. With easy EMI starting at ₹ 999 and home visits at your convenience, you can easily add on other services as well! Prenatal massage will help you in balancing your hormones and will improve your sleep cycle.

How to give a prenatal massage to your wife at home?

If your wife is pregnant, we surely recommend you to go through these points before giving a prenatal pregnancy massage to your wife.

  • Fair warning - Do not massage your wife during the first trimester of pregnancy. Do so only if you are well aware of the pregnancy massage techniques that our trained therapists are. It can lead to dizziness.

  • Positioning - Your wife must be in a comfortable position with the support of cushions and pillows. You can add a pillow below her head and belly for assistance. After the 4th month, she should not lie on her back to avoid pressure on the blood vessels. We recommend a sideways position or a semi-reclining position.

  • Shoulder and neck massage - You can massage your wife’s shoulders and neck when she is sitting down. This will provide relief from stress and pain. You can gently apply pressure where the muscles feel tight with the help of the base of your hand. Rubbing your hands up and down her neck where her neck and shoulders meet and on either side of the spine will lead to comfort.

  • Scalp massage - You can give a relaxing scalp massage to your wife for a soothing experience. Gently rub your hands in a circular position around your wife’s head and just behind her ears.

  • Leg and foot massage - Apply lotion to rub your wife’s legs and feet to reduce the swelling. Stay clear of applying any pressure to her heel and ankle bone. Avoid the area that is about 3 fingers above the ankle bone as it can stimulate contractions. You can use your flat palm to rub her legs up and down. Carefully place your hands on the top and bottom of her foot and massage mildly.


Thereby, prenatal massage therapy during pregnancy can enhance the health of the mom-to-be. We surely recommend you educate yourself regarding the therapy. Nonetheless, it will help to make better decisions regarding the therapy.

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