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8 Essential Reasons Why Your Baby Needs Massages

Updated: May 29, 2023

Baby Massage | 9 Essential Reasons Why Your Infant Needs A Massage

Soothing massages are vital for your baby’s overall development. It is one of the most essential practices done to help your baby grow, and we know this personally since our mothers & grandmothers have also done the same for us when we were infants. A baby massage is radically different than the regular massages that we do for adults, it is more an act of motherly love and affection. Besides, even these regular massages for mothers in the form of prenatal & postnatal care can bring a lot of mental & physical peace to them.

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What Are The Benefits Of Massaging Your Baby?

Apart from spending some quality time with your little bundle of joy, there are several clinically researched & proven health benefits of massaging your infant. Let’s discuss a few of them to help you understand why you should even bother with them.

1. It makes your baby feel heard, acknowledged & loved

Nobody puts a baby in the corner. Your baby is craving your attention all of the time — you know this very well since they won’t even let you sleep at night! & that’s how much your little one is craving your attention. And what better way is there to bond with your baby other than giving your baby a good malish? It gives them the much-needed, and well-deserved attention that they are desperately craving.

2. Helps your baby to sleep longer & more soundly

There is nothing more relaxing and soothing for your baby than an effective massage done with a motherly love. It will help your baby to sleep soundly after your baby is done with all the playfulness, mischief, naughtiness, and attention-seeking for the day. So that your baby is ready and at its best to do it all over again tomorrow!

3. Improves your baby’s appetite & digestion

In case your baby is facing any problems with digestion such as colic, constipation, gas (excessive wind), or any such tummy problems in general, then an effective massage with the proper techniques can help alleviate these problems and ease your baby’s discomfort. Along with a massage, it is best to consult your doctor and make changes in the baby’s diet (if advised) in case the tummy problems persist.

4. Relieves your baby’s discomfort due to teething

During the initial phases of teething, it is common for infants to face a lot of pain and discomfort which is accompanied by swollen cheeks and irritability. Due to this, your baby’s sleep patterns could also be affected - which inevitably affects your sleep patterns as well. This is a serious problem, which could be resolved quite easily with a simple massage session that will relax your baby.

5. Helps your baby to grow tranquilly

“At the time when I first saw my baby, she was just a little doll who fit right in just one hand of mine — and now just a few months later she grew so much!”

This is what Riya said to us during a post-natal massage session. If you are a new parent (or even an experienced one), you will be surprised at how quickly your little babies grow up. Which is a good thing, because this is the time that they are supposed to grow, and proper massages can help boost your baby’s ability to grow tranquilly.

6. Improves your baby’s sensory awareness

Ever caught your baby staring at you with those precious innocent little eyes? That’s just one example of your baby being curious about what is going on around them. Massages kindle their ability to be curious by keeping them in a good mood and giving them a relaxing sleep at night to help them to be active during the day.

7. Improves blood circulation

Apart from aiding digestion, an effective massage will also help your baby’s blood circulation. This will help your baby’s body to absorb and nourish itself effectively, enhancing the nutrition which is being provided through breastfeeding. Improved blood circulation also results in the faster overall growth of your baby.

8. Promotes overall healthy growth

Massages don’t just help your baby to grow physically, but they also provide them with a calm yet energetic mental state of mind to help them grow smarter too. It’s one of the most important practices that you can do to help boost the overall growth of your baby.

For each of these particular issues, there are special techniques that must be applied during the massage. To learn more about them, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, we will be posting videos regarding specific massage techniques for babies soon!


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At Pink Orchid, we pay special attention to your baby’s needs and problems and apply the necessary techniques along with a secret ingredient (lots of love) to help your baby get rid of all the pain and discomfort. So that your baby can continue doing what it is supposed to and what it does best — long for your attention and make you adore them!

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