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Top 5 Baby Massage Oils For Fairness & Skin Care

Updated: May 26, 2023

Your baby’s skin is incredibly sensitive during the initial years. This means you have to make some special efforts for it to remain healthy, glowing, fair, & soft. Although, one of the most effective ways to do so is by opting for soothing baby massages.

This brings us to our main concern - A lot of new mothers wonder whether using a particular oil can enhance their little one’s complexion. Well, you must read on to find out.

Please Note: No product can magically lighten your baby’s complexion. That being said, please DO NOT use any harmful chemical products on your baby’s skin in the chase of fairness. There is a lot that you can do to improve the overall texture of your baby’s skin - which in turn, can help improve your baby’s complexion and add a healthy glow to their face.

Besides, this blog is about some of the most popular baby massage oils for fairness that you can put on to enrich your baby’s skincare routine. Not to forget, the healthy and nourishing glow that comes with it. Apart from it, this also covers some of the popular oils that you should keep your baby away from.

All of the products recommended below are 100% natural and organic. We suggest you go organic instead of commercial products, which may have some added preservatives and possibly harmful chemicals in them. Besides, if you really want to enhance your baby’s growth, you must take care of yourself too. A healthy you shall be able to take good care of your baby. That being said, get your hands on postnatal massages for a blissful experience.

Table of contents

How Effective Is Virgin Coconut Oil For A Baby's Glowing Skin?

best baby massage oil for fairness in India

Virgin coconut oil is perhaps the best baby massage oil that you could opt for. We use it for all our baby massage services as well. Moreover, the same oil is utilized for pre & postnatal massage services for moms in Pune. This natural oil is a magical healer and is immensely effective in treating a baby’s cradle cap (dry, flaky scalp). Not to forget, it also contains natural anti-inflammatory properties as well. The oil is incredibly useful and you must keep a bottle of it at home, especially if you are a new mother.

You can use the oil all year round, but it has to be stored in a warm place during winter. The oil is a very popular choice amongst mothers because it can be used for a lot of other purposes apart from massaging their babies only - such as cooking. It is also a wonderful natural product that you can apply to your scalp if you are facing any hair-fall issues.

Does Using Olive Oil Make A Baby’s Skin Fair?

best baby massage oil for fairness in India

It’s not a good idea to apply olive oil on your infant’s skin regularly because it contains oleic acid which is a terrible choice for skincare - especially for babies. Despite this, the oil is still quite a popular choice for a lot of new mothers due to the myth that it helps in lightening complexion, which isn’t quite true. But it is definitely not something that you should be using every day on your baby’s skin. Doing so can cause dryness, cracking in the skin, and even eczema.

On the other hand, using olive oil once in a while on your baby’s skin is fine. But if you do, make sure that your baby doesn't have dry skin, because it can make that even worse. However, the good news is that olive oil is rich in Vitamin E, K, and many other healthy fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6, and monounsaturated fats. It is also loaded with a lot of antioxidants which can heal your baby’s skin in case there is any inflammation.

Can Almond Oil Lighten A Baby's Skin Tone?

best baby massage oil for fairness in India

Almond oil is an excellent choice to nourish your little one’s skin. It is jam-packed with a ton of vitamins such as; vitamin A, B2, B6, D, and E. It also includes quite a lot of fatty acids and minerals which work wonderfully during winters. Using almond oil during a baby massage will surely have a beneficial impact on your little one’s skin health - making it soft, supple, and glowing.

Besides, the best part is that just like olive oil, almond oil also has certain anti-inflammatory properties that help heal your baby’s skin in case they are facing any skin problems. That too without making it dry over time, unlike olive oil. So, if you have a bottle of natural almond oil lying around at home then we would definitely recommend you to pat it on your baby’s skin as a baby massage oil.

Which Ayurvedic Oil Is Best For A Baby's Fair Complexion?

best baby massage oil for fairness in India

There are a ton of ayurvedic oils that you can find online, but the problem is most of them aren’t as good as advertised in terms of benefits. We would recommend Forest Essential’s Dasapushpadi Baby Body Massage Serum as one of the best ayurvedic oils out there. It contains milk, black sesame oil, and our personal favorite ingredient - virgin coconut oil.

This ayurvedic oil for a baby massage is free from chemicals, parabens, and other petrochemicals. It does a good job of nourishing and moisturizing your little one’s skin. It also contains Kumud and Liquorice which helps keep your baby’s skin fair, soft and gives it a healthy glow. If you are looking for an ayurvedic oil for baby fairness then this would be a good choice.

Is Shea Butter A Good Choice To Nourish An Infant’s Skin?

best baby massage oil for fairness in India

Shea butter comes from a plant called “Karite” in Africa. Just like coconut oil, it is also extracted from the fat that comes out of a tree nut. To be precise, from the shea nut in western and central Africa. It is considered to be one of the best moisturizers and is used in a lot of popular products that you may find in the market.

So, here’s a tip for you - when shopping for Shea butter always look for organic and raw varieties. Avoid buying any commercial product with added ingredients and preservatives. If you go for unrefined shea butter, then you might even see tiny bits of shea nut in it. In that case, don’t be alarmed, just try to remove the bits since it might irritate you while using them for massaging your baby.

Bonus: Which Popular Commercial Products Should You Use For Baby Massage?

best baby massage oil for fairness in India

All the above-mentioned products are natural and organic & can be found anywhere in the world - even in grocery shops. But what about the popular baby massage oils for fairness that we find locally in India?

There are quite a few of them including; Himani Sona Chandi Baby Oil and Emami Healthy & Fair Baby Massage Oil & others. The issue with these products is that they advertise themselves as a fairness product for babies, which is truly misleading. As we have mentioned above, there is no commercial product that can make your baby fair.

And even if you find any such products, would you really risk the health of your baby’s skin over the promise of fairness at the cost of misleading advertisements?


Q1. Which oil is best for body massage for whitening?

Virgin Coconut Oil is the best for body massages & is amongst one of the most widely used ones. It is the perfect amalgamation of antifungal & antibacterial agents. That means it is more than capable to protect your baby’s skin. Apart from imparting healthy moisturized skin, it also protects your baby’s skin against

  1. Diaper rash

  2. Eczema

  3. Constipation

  4. Cradle crap

  5. Hair growth

Q2. How can you make your baby's skin fair?

Here are the various natural ways to make your baby’s skin fair -

  1. Hot oil baby massage sessions

  2. Massage with coconut/almond oil

  3. Gentle body packs - sandalwood, saffron & turmeric bodypack

  4. Shorter warm baths

  5. Avoid using soaps

  6. Fruit sap

  7. Mild sunlight baths

  8. Keep your baby hydrated

Q3. Does baby oil make babies' skin dark?

Baby oil doesn’t make your baby’s skin dark usually. Many moms believe that regular oil massages can make your baby look fairer. However, it’s not true either. Amongst other things, these oils will act as a moisturizing agent & will positively impact your baby’s skin. In short, oils have no prime roles to play in making skin dark or fairer. However, it will always protect your child against skin conditions & keep it healthy.

Q4. Does olive oil make baby skin fair?

There is no medical evidence or research that acknowledges this. But, massaging is a great way to bond with your child. Amongst other oils, olive oil shouldn’t be used regularly on your baby’s gentle skin. Especially in case of dry skin or eczema. As per research in 2016, babies who are massaged with olive oil have more moisturized skin. But again, don’t make it a daily thing. That’s because olive oil breaks the natural fat barrier in the skin. It breaks down the outer layer of the skin.

Q5. Why is your baby's skin color getting darker?

Your baby’s skin may change & reach its natural color by the first 2-3 weeks of your baby’s age. Although, it’s also normal to pick up the color even by 5-6 months. So, this is not a problem apparently but you must look out for certain changes. In case a yellow cast appears on the skin - this might be jaundice. But, but, but, this is the most perfect & initial time to create the perfect skincare routine for your baby’s healthy skin.


best baby massage oil for fairness in India

The best and perhaps the only way to lighten your baby’s complexion (which isn’t something you must dwell upon) is to focus on the health of your little one’s skin. Please do not use any random products on your baby since their skin is incredibly sensitive.

Always opt for healthy and natural alternatives after doing your own research about them. Do not believe in any kind of advertisements for commercial products. All you need is a good skincare routine for your baby (massages) along with the healthy and natural oils mentioned above for the best results.

P.S. If you are living in Pune, then check out our exclusive baby massages and care services that we provide at home.



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