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Benefits Of Prenatal Massages During Pregnancy

Updated: May 29, 2023

As a mother-to-be, it can get difficult to get good quality sleep and get rid of muscle pain during pregnancy. But don’t worry, we’re here to aid you in this rollercoaster journey of motherhood by taking you over the benefits of prenatal massage.

Massage is a great way to improve your sleep quality and to regulate the flow of blood in your body. According to the sleep foundation, 50% of women endure insomnia. However, prenatal care can get you good quality sleep during pregnancy.

With a heavy belly and a sore back, now is the right time to embrace the benefits of a prenatal massage. Pink Orchid is here to make your journey better by educating and supporting you in a fair direction.

Here’s all you need to know about the benefits of prenatal massage before getting one for you or your little one. So dear Mom-to-be, read along if you’re wondering whether this is the right choice for you or not.

Table of Contents

What is a prenatal massage?

A Prenatal massage is a full-body massage to ensure comfort and relaxation for you and your baby. It provides a nurturing environment for the baby. Having said that, it assists you in composing your body for the long phase of labor!

Let's get into the details of how prenatal massage can be helpful during the 3 trimesters of pregnancy.

Benefits in the first trimester

The prenatal massage was generally not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy. Recent studies have shown that if tendered by a professional therapist, it can bring in a lot of benefits to you! The prime focus will be on rectifying the already existing problems. Problems like back, shoulder, neck and pelvic pain would be on a high rise. Prenatal massage will help you to get rid of the pain and provide great relief in headaches and morning sickness.

Benefits in the second trimester

We highly recommend you to go for a massage during the second trimester. This is the stage where you move forward from the initial problems. With a rapid change in the body posture and a growing belly, the focus is now on improving the posture and relieving the back pain. The massage practitioner at PinkOrchid will create a unique position to support the enlarging uterus and growing belly. We will work on the flexibility of your ligaments and prevent back and pelvic pain.

Benefits in the third trimester

Prenatal massage in this stage can be beneficial for you to get rid of the various symptoms in place. It will provide relief against stress levels, anxiety, swelling, and hormonal changes in the body. We will make sure to support your body with bolsters and cushions and provide relief.

Every single mother faces a unique set of problems, depending on factors like their diet, fitness, lifestyle, etc. At Pink Orchid, our therapists make sure to understand your pregnancy-related problems personally and help you rejuvenate accordingly.

As your body shape and posture change, it can be very difficult to go about your daily routines. Besides that, there are certain important points to know about prenatal massages such as staying away from the key pressure points. To know more about warnings and things to keep in mind during a prenatal massage, understand how to make sure you have a safe prenatal massage.

What is different about a prenatal massage?

Prenatal massage is quite different from the traditional regular massage. It is exclusively outlined for you during pregnancy. The methods and techniques used for relaxation are unlike the ones in a regular massage. It is a Swedish massage technique that requires minimal pressure to put on. It is distinctive from deep tissue pressure massages. Moreover, it is primarily based on sweeping strokes and gentle pressure.

Your posture during therapy would not be lying facing up or facing down on your stomach. Our therapists have to create a unique position for you with the help of cushions and bolsters. You usually lie sideways in a comforting position. Therapists at PinkOrchid are well aware of the challenges of pregnancy. We know when to keep away from the pressure points that can trigger contractions.

However, prenatal massage also promotes the movement of lymph fluids that helps remove unwanted toxins from your body. Symptoms such as anxiety, fluid retention, lack of sleep are common during pregnancy. As a result, your body may start venting some other external changes. To provide you and your baby with a healthy environment, prenatal massage shall enhance your lymph flow. Not only this but also it will regulate the blood flow in your body and carry oxygen and other nutrients to all parts of your body.

What are the benefits of prenatal massage?

Prenatal massage brings multiple benefits for you. It is generally considered safe and is a good idea to opt for during pregnancy. It is one of the oldest practices that escalates relaxation, reduces stress, and balances stress hormones.

We personalize your prenatal massage after assessing your problems, medical conditions, and challenges. We give you the support you deserve during pregnancy. Let’s get into the details to give you a fair view of the benefits incurred from the massage.

  • Reduction in Swelling - Swelling of joints, hands, and feet is a common repercussion of pregnancy. It develops because of the reduced circulation of blood. It sometimes even develops by the increased pressure on major blood cells. Prenatal Massage can help you get rid of the swelling. It loosens your muscles and stimulates the soft tissue. We recommend you to get regular massages during pregnancy. The chance of suffering from the swelling becomes less. To reduce the swelling at home, follow these 10 home remedies and get rid of the pain.

  • Improves sleep quality - It is very crucial to get a good quality sleep during pregnancy. Prenatal massage helps you to relax the nervous system. It increases serotonin levels. This leads to improved relaxation and hence contributes to many nights of good quality sleep.

  • Reduction in Back Pain - This is one of the main reasons to opt for a massage during pregnancy. Prenatal massage offers a secure and natural reduction in back pain. They take the help of cushions and bolsters to provide support and comfort to the belly and back. The objective is to assess the sciatic nerve pain. It is relieved by regulating the blood flow with the help of massage. It helps to let go of the tension that comes with it.

  • Relieves Headaches - It might be very usual for you to suffer from headaches and migraines during pregnancy. Prenatal massage provides relief from headaches regardless of the source of pain. As the body posture continuously changes, therapies at home would be a great option for you.

  • Increased blood circulation to the tissue - It is very important to maintain good circulation of blood during pregnancy. The techniques used in prenatal massage helps to enable effective circulation of blood throughout the body. Clotting of blood can result from the pooling of blood. Therefore, it is vital to maintain regular circulation to avoid the pooling of blood.

  • Balances stress hormones - Prenatal massage is a great source of comfort and relaxation both to you and your baby. It can result in mood regularization and can provide a nurturing effect to the baby. The journey of motherhood can be stressful at times. The fluctuation of hormone levels can lead to complications during birth time. We highly recommend you to go for massages and embrace self-care.

  • Reduction in the state of depression - Pregnancy can make its way towards postpartum depression. These are the physical and psychological changes that may occur to you after giving birth to a child. It can make you feel restless, anxious, and unusually sad. Although, prenatal massage can help you relax. It creates a positive environment around you. It provides you with good quality sleep and will help you balance the hormones.

The benefits of prenatal massage can help you to improve your emotional and physical health. However, It is always advisable to take a yes from your OB-GYN before opting for the massage. Prenatal massage can help you to cherish the 9 months of pregnancy!

What pressure points to avoid during pregnancy?

Therapists at PinkOrchid are aware of the pressure points and avoid them. Putting high pressure on these points can trigger contractions and premature labor. They should avoid some areas during a prenatal massage. Those include the abdomen, breasts, section between thumb and forefinger, and three fingers above the ankle bone. After years of training and expertise, we can assure a positive and safe environment for you. Having said that, take a sneak peek at what massages you should avoid during pregnancy.

How can prenatal massage improve your mental health during pregnancy?

There are certain terms a mother-to-be should be familiar with before we walk into the lane of mental health. Postpartum Depression (PD) is the physical and psychological changes that occur after giving birth to a child. The chemical changes in the body lead to a swift drop in hormones after delivery. The social and emotional changes can also lead to a risk of depression.

Many mothers experience ‘Baby blues’ after giving birth. A long-running depression can emerge in about 1 in 10 women. Whereas about 1 in 1000 women develop a serious condition called postpartum psychosis. However, 1 in 10 fathers builds up depression during the birth year of a child.

There are some common symptoms of postpartum depression. Those are poor sleep, fatigue, frequent mood swings, loss of pleasure, the thought of death or suicide, etc.

It is very usual to go through changes after pregnancy. Deprivation of sleep, posture changes, experiencing different emotions are a few such changes. Postnatal massage helps in hormone regulation and balances it naturally. It provides comfort and relaxation to your emotions. It creates a positive nurturing environment around you and your baby. With different kinds of techniques used in massage, it can help in breastfeeding and fluid circulation. This massage can relax your muscles and provide you with good quality sleep.

Therefore, it is very necessary to talk about any kind of physical and psychological changes that your body goes through. It is vital to embrace the concept of self-care. Get to know more about how to get rid of postpartum depression and baby blues.

Tips for a healthy massage during pregnancy?

We have certain tips and guidelines to offer you before you opt for a prenatal massage.

  • Educate yourself about the techniques of Prenatal massage.

  • Always take a yes from your practitioner.

  • Hydrate yourself before going for a massage.

  • Continue hydrating yourself after the massage.

  • Always communicate your medical problems with your therapist.

  • Do not feel self-conscious during the massage.

  • Book a home session for yourself for ease and convenience.

  • Avoid opting for a massage in the first trimester.

  • Check out for symptoms of the blood clot.

  • Discontinue the massage, if it makes you sick.


We hope this article becomes a source of guidance for you. It is very important to understand the benefits of prenatal massage. It can surely make your journey a better one. Register yourself for a home session and enjoy the benefits of prenatal massage.

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