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What Happens During A Pregnancy Massage?

Updated: May 29, 2023

Pregnancy massage - What happens during a prenatal massage?

Well, Hello Mom-to-be! As you know prenatal care during pregnancy can do wonders! It not only balances your hormones but also brings in multiple nights of good quality sleep. It further aims to stabilize your anxiety levels and regulate the flow of blood in your body. Thereupon for a healthy pregnancy, you must embrace the concept of self-care by getting rid of swelling, headaches, and back pain.

In this rollercoaster journey of motherhood, we welcome you to get ready with us for the ride of comfort and convenience. It is also essential for you to know the several aspects of massage during pregnancy. Consequently, we urge you to be an informed mother to blissfully look after the needs of yourself and your baby in the future! Taking this into consideration, book a trial session for yourself at home to experience care!

So, if you’ve decided to get yourself a prenatal massage and are wondering what happens during a pregnancy massage, then let’s get into the details of it. Several questions would be popping up in your head regarding the massage, Pink Orchid is here to address them all. So, read along to establish the experience in your mind even before opting for it!

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pregnancy massage

Why do you need a massage during pregnancy?

Prenatal care during pregnancy is the healthiest choice to make. There are several problems you go through during your journey of motherhood. You face troubles like headache, back pain, joint pain, high-stress level, anxiety, insomnia, leg cramps, etc daily. Hence, it becomes important to balance out your troubles with a prenatal massage.

As your body posture and shape change, it is crucial to hold up your body by creating a unique position. But guess what? Prenatal massage facilitates such benefits exclusively for you! Pink Orchid provides a nurturing and positive environment both to you and your baby. The sole motive of this entire process is to prepare your body for labor and provide relaxation to you with the help of unique techniques and methods employed by us.

Take a yes from your doctor before opting for a prenatal massage. This is one of the preconditions that you need to follow. We take care of you and your problems at Pink Orchid. Build your trust in us so that we can support you to our best capability! To learn more about prenatal massage, check out are prenatal massages safe during pregnancy.

What happens during a pregnancy massage?

Prenatal massage is a full body massage to ensure support and alleviation for you. After taking a yes from your doctor, book a session for yourself as per your requirement. It might either be your first time or you may be regular at this, but a massage will always do wonders to prepare your body for the upcoming challenges and labor. It is safe and can be a real treat during pregnancy!

Unique position

At an early stage, you may be comfortable lying on your front with suitable pillows and bolsters. The position will be comforting and perfectly safe to carry forward with the massage. At later stages of pregnancy, therapists have to create a unique position on the massage table with the help of pillows. It provides comfort and support to the growing belly. We cover your body with a towel and the temperature of the room will be set at your convenience. Therapists at Pink Orchid are aware of the methods to create a sideways position for you to relax and embrace the aura around you.

Aura of home sessions

Pink Orchid takes matters into its own hands when it comes to hygiene. It is essential to provide a positive ambiance to the mother-to-be to enable relaxation to her. However, a nurturing environment for the baby is a precondition for its healthy growth. You must find a therapist that manages well and has a good track record. Home sessions are for your comfort because what better place than your own home!

Methods and techniques

A professional therapist would be aware of the methods and techniques of prenatal massage. They will keep away from pressure points and avoid putting pressure on some areas of the body. Those body parts include the breasts, abdomen, three fingers above the ankle, and the section between thumb and forefinger. This can trigger contractions and premature labor. You must inform them about any medical condition beforehand. This will facilitate healthy communication between you and your therapist. Therapists at Pink Orchid will make sure that this turns out to be a medium of relaxation for you.

Gentle Pressure Handling

The Swedish massage technique stands out in the crowd for its gentle pressure handling. Be it the shoulder or neck massage or the scalp massage, it is different from deep tissue massage. It promotes gentle rubbing and strokes. It will regulate blood circulation and balance out the stress hormones in your body. Prenatal care will provide you a soothing experience and will lead to improved relaxation.

For a seamless occurrence of the massage, educate yourself regarding the important factors. Get yourself a massage without any doubt and hesitation!

What should you wear during the pregnancy massage?

It is absolutely up to you to wear something that you’re comfortable in. It’s your personal decision and entirely depends on your level of convenience. We perform the massage only by exposing the area that is being massaged. Pink Orchid builds a healthy and conscious-free environment for you.

You can also book a home session for your baby to increase the level of comfort and ease!

What is lymphatic drainage? And why is it important?

The lymphatic system is a nexus of lymph nodes and vessels. It assists in getting rid of toxins and unwanted waste substances from your body. It is the process of boosting your immunity and regulating the body fluid while reducing inflammation. The drainage substantially helps in the reduction of water retention and swelling in your limbs.

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a safe and effective treatment during pregnancy. It is a combination of mild pressure and soft pumping movements in the path of the lymph nodes. The focus is on the areas of water retention such as arms, hands, legs and sometimes includes the whole body as well.

If you’re suffering from fatigue, bloating, swollen ankles and legs, manual lymphatic massage is a solution to all of it. It is a treatment to naturally detoxify the toxins and is ideal for those needing gentle handling. There are several benefits of this massage that can be responsible for a healthy pregnancy. However, it is very advantageous during the later stages of pregnancy! It can aid you in the following ways-

  • Helpful in reducing swelling of legs and ankles.

  • Detoxifies the body from unwanted waste materials.

  • Assists in normalizing the milk flow.

  • Regulates the body fluid.

  • Reduces inflammation.

  • Supports the reduction of cellulite.

  • Helps in reducing stress, fatigue, and insomnia.

  • Provides comfort.

  • Reduces oedema.

A growing baby inside your belly requires a healthy internal environment to grow and nurture. However, the lymphatic system in your body is the path to your baby’s healthy development and helps in building your immunity. We generalize your treatment depending upon the condition of your body. Thereby, the mild pressure massage techniques help to regulate the flow and release excess fluid within the tissues.

What to avoid during the pregnancy massage?

Significantly, you must educate yourself regarding prenatal care. Our care team will look after your already existing problems and understand the challenges you are facing. Check out the massages that you should avoid during pregnancy. Nevertheless, there are several things that you should avoid during the pregnancy massage.

  • Never forget to hydrate yourself before the massage.

  • Do not hesitate to discontinue the massage in case it makes you feel uncomfortable or light-headed.

  • Avoid putting pressure on points that can trigger contractions.

  • Avoid going for a massage in case of risk of miscarriage.

  • Avoid going for a massage in case of skin infection or any kind of open wound injury.

  • Do not travel while pregnant. Go for home sessions.

  • Avoid unhygienic therapy centers.

  • Do not be self-conscious and relax!

Let’s not underestimate the feeling of relaxation that comes from prenatal massage! At the same time, you must know about the preconditions of prenatal massage. Communicate your troubles with our team. Whilst, Pink Orchid is here at your service to make your experience a better one.

What are the other kinds of massage services that you can opt for during pregnancy?

There are several massages that you can opt for during your pregnancy. To increase blood circulation and lymph flow, you should heartfully acknowledge the concept of ‘self-care. The job's done by stimulating the release of endorphins into the nervous system to help you get rid of depression. You might also want to opt for the following add-on services at Pink Orchid to get rid of pain and anxiety-

  • Pre and postnatal massage

  • Potli massage

  • Foot reflexology

  • Powder massage

  • Tummy Tuck | Hip Tuck

  • Thigh Tuck | Arm Tuck

  • Bust toning & Firming

  • Diet and supplements consultation

You can opt for physiotherapy and osteopathy as well during pregnancy. Before going for any kind of massage, take some time to learn about the methods of it and take a yes from your doctor!

Prenatal massage - Is pregnancy massage painful?

Is pregnancy massage painful?

Gentle pressure is always safe during pregnancy. Therapists at Pink Orchid are well aware of the techniques and methods used in prenatal massage. It is predominantly crucial to avoid certain pressure points that can trigger contractions and premature labor. As a result, prenatal massage stands for gentle massage strokes that will provide relaxation to you.

It is also vital for you to choose a professional therapist who is capable of looking after your needs during your pregnancy. If done so, the pregnancy massage will never cause you any pain instead it will provide relief against your existing pain. Prenatal care is a good option to take a steady turn from the challenges of pregnancy. Therefore, learn more about the benefits of prenatal massage!

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